Ghana Dipo Tour

Ghana Dipo Festival and Bead Tour

Date: Next Dipo Festival Easter 2012
Duration: From 11 to 15 days
Includes: Accommodation – single rooms, 80% meals, land transport, tuition, site visits.

Ghana Dipo Festival

Dipo dancers give an impromptu performance for tour guests in 2009

Our Ghana tours have grown out of working with bead makers and artisans over twenty years. They began as a means of providing a more personal access to Ashanti crafts, organising workshops and allowing guests to work in the communities to make their own crafts.

We have extended them to provide other routes to experience the places and people of Ghana, including cycling, walking, festivals and drumming.

Dipo is the coming of age celebration of Krobo women. Above all people in Ghana, the Krobo value their bead heritage. The performance of various rituals culminates in the parading of the young women clad in thousands of heirloom beads as a sign of their wealth and beauty. Our Dipo Festival and Beads tour includes visits to bead-making villages in Ghana’s Krobo region, Koforidua’s famous bead market, Boti falls, and the Dipo ceremony. Our next Ghana Dipo tour is available for Easter 2012 so please contact us for further details.

Our Ghana Dipo Festival and Bead tours have small groups of no more than 6 people, so the travel itinerary is flexible and relaxed. The day to day itinerary may vary from this outline, but you will see what is talked about in this trip description and a whole lot more!


Ghana Dipo Festival and Bead Tour Itinerary

Note that the exact itinerary will revolve around the Dipo festival and its rituals as planned by the Krobo elders, priests and priestesses. Other trips will be built around that.

Day 1: Meet at airport and transfer to hotel from evening flight from Europe. US guests will join us the following morning on direct flights from the US.

Day 2:Tour of Accra, Ghana’s capital: visit the National Museum to learn Ghana’s history and cultural pedigree before going East to Krobo country. Meet with Krobo elders to learn about the history and meaning of the Dipo Festival and meet participants in this journey into adulthood.

Day 3: Attend the opening Dipo ceremonies and see the the girls dressed in new clothes and beads. Observe the morning purification rituals and libations poured to the gods and ancestors. A Krobo elder will be our guide, explaining everything we see. Then drive to sacred lake Bosomtwe where we watch the sun set of the rim of the ancient meteor crater and dine by the lake side.

Days 4-5: Over the following two days we will visit Dabaa beadmakers, Kurofofrom brass casters, Kente weavers and woodcarvers. Other highlights include the Kumasi Cultural Centre and Ashanti Museum, a tour of the 126 alleys of Kumasi Central Market, and visiting a traditional Ashanti shrine.

Day 6: Return to Krobo country to spend the morning in Koforidua for the weekly bead market then to a Krobo village in the afternoon to see the Dipo girls being trained in dance and music.

Day 7: Dipo dancing lessons followed by an afternoon trip to Boti falls and a remote and scenic beadmaking village to make your own painted beads.

Day 8: Day trip to Abompe at the foot of the Kwahu escarpment to see the stone bead makers and learn about village life, with lunch in a tropical garden.

Day 9: Final rites of Dipo when the girls are ready for the Outdooring Ceremony during which they will be presented to the community and potential suitors with celebrations, drumming and dancing.

Day 10:To Accra via the Aburi Botanical Gardens and a walk in Shai Hills game reserve.

Day 11. Visit the world famous Ga carpenters who make coffins to commemorate the life of the dead in the form of fish, beer bottles, and taxis, and the Arts Centre and Kaneshie Market for some last minute shopping or relaxing on the beach before the evening flight home.

*This trip can be extended with two days travelling East to the Volta region, via the Akosombo Dam, crossing the Volta, to see the world’s largest man-made lake and Ghana’s largest waterfall, Wli Falls in the mountains bordering Togo. Staying in Ho and visiting the Tafi Atome monkey sanctuary.

*You can also spend two further days visiting the 17th century Cape Coast Castle, a historic slave trading fort, fishing villages and ancestral shrines, with and Kakum Forest reserve with it guided treetop walkway.

Tour Cost: from £1150 (11 days) to £1300 (13 days) to £1450 (15 days).  For further information and bookings please contact us

please note: Our tours do not include airfare.  More information about flights to Ghana